Family Medicine

We see ourselves as a team of doctors for all patients, large and small. The aim is to accompany the patient, to coordinate clarifications and to control the treatment.

For us, the patient is the center of attention. We work as a team of physicians, medical practice assistants and specialists. For this reason we also call ourselves Medical Center. We are committed to the residents of Kloster and the surrounding area, but also to our guests.

Modern medical care is important to us. The patient is viewed holistically. This is how we coordinate the clarifications and treatments.

After the detailed interview and examination, we address the questions and problems of our patients. Targeted clinical examinations as well as a variety of modern clarification options can be carried out immediately in the practice through our modern practice laboratory, electrocardiogram (ECG), X-ray, lung function test, stress ECG, 24-hour blood pressure measurement.

We perform minor procedures, X-rays and also plastering directly in the practice. For treatments that we cannot perform ourselves, we refer patients to specialists, to the hospital in Schiers or to the center hospital.

We are connected to the Grisomed network of physicians. This allows us to serve all patients who are in the primary care model.

For all drivers: The obligatory medical check-up required from the age of 70 can be performed by us.